Mikey, our mechanic

Mikey’s story

Conroco rental bikes, inhouse mechanic

Mikey, having a great love for two-wheelers, had a dream : moving from Belgium to Spain, and working in Spain on and with bicycles.
Every year, Mikey planned his holidays to Santa Margarida, Roses, where he could spent many relaxing moments of Quality time with his family.
In the summer of 2022 he visited Roco Cycling Café in Santa Margarida and witnessed with his own ideas the growing success of the bicycle rental business.

He got curious and interested and had a meeting with Ronny of Roco Cycling Café about the opportunity of having an in-house mechanic for the rental bikes, with the option of offering bike repair for private people living in and around Roses.
6 months later, springtime 2023, the dream got traction and Mikey arrived in Santa Margarida, Roses.

Starting from scratch, Mikey has a nice growing path from small bike repairs to a full fetched bike shop in the near future.
Roco Cycling Café has its own, in-house, specialized bicycle mechanic, enabling to act fast on necessary repairs to its own rental bikes and more, resulting in more efficiency and cost reduction within our business.

WELCOME MIKEY, way to go forward !

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