Thompson – Belgian Bike Power

Thompson, a Belgian family business from Geraardsbergen, was founded by Hector De Smet in 1921. After its foundation, Thompson immediately started a complete in-house production, from design to welding, painting and assembly of the frames. After more than 90 years in the business and 4 generations later, this ideology has obviously remained unchanged!

A very exciting and agile racing machine. Winner of the Tour of Flanders several times.

The Capella steers stiff, solid and firm, but never heavy. If you like a bike that feeds back information about the road surface and reacts quickly to changes in direction, the Thompson is sure to impress.

The Capella’s low weight and 50/34, 11-25 gear range make it a very solid climber, and its smooth handling makes it a reliable partner on the descent.

From 42.5 €/day

Conroco Bikes Catalog - Thompson Capella

Trek Farley – Our Best Fat Bikes

The Trek Farley 5 rolls over snow, sand, roots, and rocks with monster-truck stability and traction on beefy wide tyres. A Shimano drivetrain, lightweight frame, and carbon fork make it a great choice for anyone who wants to mountain bike year-round, no matter the weather.

This powerhouse feels most at home on dirt tracks where the lack of suspension feels efficient and is more of an advantage than a hindrance. Despite the bike’s lack of suspension, the huge air volume of the fat tyres helps to absorb a significant amount of shock, especially when running at low pressure (around 10 psi). The bike’s short wheelbase and slightly smaller frame make it very agile, while the large contact patch and grippy tread of the tyres provide seemingly endless grip when cornering.

From 42.5 €/day

Conroco Bike Catalog - Trek Farley

Salsa – The ultimate combination of race-bike and fat-tyres.

Salsa fat-bikes with fat tyres are designed and built for riding, racing, bike-packing and more in all conditions and on any terrain. Each of our reliable and reliable fat-bikes will undoubtedly add new dimensions to your off-road adventure.

This Beargrease, with carbon frame, is a very versatile fatbike. Extremely suitable for better all-round work, which makes it very attractive for beginning bike adventurers!

From 42.5 €/day

Conroco Bikes Catalog - Salsa Beargrease

RAD – E-power bikes

RAD is a true pioneer in the E-bike market (ref Times Magazine). RAD builds E-bikes that can really do everything but still remain affordable for everyone.
RAD builds bikes of truly all categories, Conroco provides the E-Fatbikes. This RAD Rhino is a true Go Anywhere, Do Anything. Just ride around town or challenge the capabilities of fat tyres on the track.

An E-fatbike with 6th generation frame, brake and battery upgrades.
Completely new hydraulic brake discs offer superior stopping power, faster response and consequently more control over the bike. The battery has been neatly hidden in the frame, which gives this Rhino a sleeker look. The display gives you an immediate status report.
A new display, a new user interface, a new frame shape, cable covers and an adjusted suspension make this bike a very solid all-terrain E-bike.

From 63 €/day

Conroco Bikes - RAD Rhino6 Plus

Canyon – Made in Germany

Canyon is a leading manufacturer of road bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, city bikes, fitness bikes and electric bikes.

Canyon bikes can be found everywhere, in the city, on your trusted trails and in the pro tours.

Gravel riding encompasses a huge spectrum of styles, from road bikes that can plod along unpaved roads to true cross-country mountain bikes. Canyon puts its Grizl’s in the “rough gravel” category and claims to be able to push the limits on this type of terrain.

Our Grizl CF SL 8 Suspension 1 by is effective and comfortable on rough terrain for the real adventure thanks to the RockShox Rudy suspension fork, which provides an extra dose of control on all types of terrain. Equipped with a dropper seat post, you can lower the saddle in the technical department to gain even more control by steering the bike correctly on top of the pedals. 1by stands for one front chainring, which eliminates the possibility of a chainsuck, and the rear cassette with 11-42 ratio allows you to cross the mountains around Roses without any problems.

From 52 €/day

The ultimate embodiment of performance and top quality. The new 13-speed Ekar drivetrain from Campagnolo is super light and guarantees flawless shifting. Combined with the aerodynamic DT Swiss GRC 1400 carbon gravel wheels, the Grizl CF SLX 8 1by makes every ride unforgettable and makes it suitable for the slightly tougher trails.

Gravel, of course, is where the Grizl really excels, and it is ideally suited to a mix of real gravel and sand, be it light singletrack, forest roads or anything in between.

Please note that the Grizl is not a real mountain bike. For example, it has no suspension and the riding position is essentially that of a road bike.

From 90 €/day

Conroco Bikes - Canyon Grizl
Conroco Bikes - Canyon Grizl
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