ConRoco SL,  Terms & Condtitions

The term “property” includes all equipment rented from ConRoco SL ConRoco SL, its agents, employees, and employees shall not be held responsible for personal injury or damage to property. Renters follow a suggested route at their own risk and undertake not to hold ConRoco SL responsible for injury or death resulting from possible accidents.
We strongly recommend the use of approved helmets as soon as you use the rented bicycle. Helmets can be provided at an additional cost, if available. Contact a ConRoco SL representative. The bicycles offered are in excellent condition for the purpose for which they are rented and the renter declares to use them at his own risk or to report any shortcomings immediately. Specific features of the bicycles advertised on our website are subject to change depending on the availability of replacement parts.
Instructions on how to use, assemble or maintain the bicycle are not given as standard. The renter can obtain instructions on request, but as standard we count on the ready knowledge of the renter, that he is familiar with the necessary maintenance of a bicycle with regard to keeping clean, chain maintenance and tire pressure. The renter also declares that he/she is familiar with riding a bicycle equipped with gears.


The bicycle will be available and must be returned to the following address:
Street + number:
Post number + City:


Notwithstanding that all our bicycles are professionally maintained before they are made available, it is necessary that they are additionally maintained during the rental period where necessary, and this at the expense of the renter. (Eg keep tires up to pressure, clean the chain and lubricate). ConRoco SL is responsible for repair costs that are beyond the control of the lessee (eg worn parts). Any defect must be reported to ConRoco SL within 4 hours of receipt or occurrence by means of a telephone report, if not answered, a recorded message must be left. In order to make use of a possible refund of repair costs, a photo of the damage and the repaired part must be submitted to ConRoco SL, together with the invoice for the repair or the replaced parts. ConRoco SL is responsible for structural defects such as damaged frames, worn pedals, suspension or wheel hubs.
ConRoco SL is not responsible for the following issues that may occur during the rental period: gears, flat tires, broken spokes, broken chain, broken derailleurs, broken drop-out, damage to the wheels, cracked saddles, damaged threads on axles and damage to the bicycle beyond the control of ConRoco SL and as a result of the (incorrect) use of the rider/cyclist.
If you embark on an unaccompanied tour, we strongly recommend that you have or gain basic knowledge of bicycle maintenance. We can provide a list of the nearest bicycle shops on request.


The renter declares that he/she will return the rented property in the same condition as made available, usual wear and tear under the acceptance of the person in charge of ConRoco SL, and that he/she, as the renter, will repair the damaged bicycles and will return the lost, stolen or damaged bicycle. replace or refund to ConRoco SL. Hence, whoever bears the fault, the tenant declares that he/she is responsible for the theft or damage to the rented property.


The tenant understands and agrees that no form of subletting of the rented property is allowed, and that any form of subletting will lead to the nullification of this contract.


The renter assumes all responsibility for any damage to or loss of personal property, accident or damage to third parties, related to the use of the rented property.


ConRoco SL can offer separate accident insurance at an additional cost. We strongly recommend that you have your own personal or travel insurance.


You have the option to pay an extra premium, which means that in the event of loss or theft you only have 50% of the new-for-old value to repay. (New value is shown with the invoice from the supplier). In case of theft, an official police report must be presented to activate the insurance. In the event of damage, it must be possible to submit a photo of the damage.


As a deposit we ask for your credit card details and a copy of your driver’s license or identity card. This deposit made available by the tenant will be used as a guarantee for the implementation of the provisions in this agreement, such as repair of possible damage. If an additional action has to be taken, in which legal steps have to be taken, the tenant declares that these legal costs must be borne by him/her.


Any cancellation must be made in writing to re****@co*****.eu

Bike rental cancellation:
21 days or more before the start of the rental period, you have 3 options:

  • move to another period without additional costs
  • we keep the paid amount with us until 12 months after the start of the original rental period
  • Cancel your order and get your amount refunded

15 to 20 days before the start of the rental period, you have 3 options:

  • move to another period without additional costs
  • we keep the paid amount with us until 12 months after the start of the original rental period
  • Cancel your order and get 50% of your paid amount refunded

14 days or less:

  • no more refund, no credit
All refunds are subject to a 5% service fee.
Any refunds will be made upon return of all rented property.


Each extra day will be charged at the daily cost as can be found on the website, as long as the bicycle is not returned after the set date. Any rented property must be immediately returned to ConRoco SL or wherever agreed upon on the agreed date and time.


The tenant agrees that ConRoco SL has the right to terminate this agreement at any time and thus take back ownership, and under this statement ConRoco SL will be allowed to enter the tenant’s domain, without be held responsible for any violation.
Revised May 2, 2022